Saturday, February 19, 2011

Best Wii Fitness Games to Help You Lose Weight

The Wii is a great way to get into shape. It provides and easy, fun, active way to burn calories. With more uses than a treadmill, why not use your Wii.

But which Wii Fitness games are best to help you lose that weight. Hopefully you will see why.

If you have Nintendo's Wii Fit in addition to your Wii this is a great way to burn some calories Wii Fit uses a Wii Balance Board, a pad that players stand on while doing various types of exercise, including calisthenics, yoga, and balancing it also comes with different strength training, aerobics, yoga, and balance games. Wii Fit will cost you around $95 if you don't have one already.

Some of the games you can buy for your Wii aren't just workout types, they are fun platform games and skill games.

Here are the top Wii games that you can use to get into shape some require the balance board, some don't.

Wii Sports Resort

Wii Sports Resort features various outdoor games such as bicycling and uses the Wii MotionPlus accessory.


Wii Sports

Wii Sports includes Baseball, Tennis, Bowling, Boxing and Golf games for the Nintendo Wii.

Zumba Fitness

Zumba Fitness is a dance fitness game featuring nine different dance styles, including salsa, hip-hop, and mambo. Zumba is a very effective dance class that most already take in a gym.

EA Sports Active

EA Sports Active is a customizable fitness game featuring a wide variety of interactive activities targeting upper body, lower body, and cardio.

Wii Fit Plus

Wii Fit Plus offers a range of new exercises and balance games including Skateboarding and Rhythm Kung Fu.


Exerbeat is a rhythm based fitness game and is really fun.

The Biggest Loser 
Based upon the NBC show, the game features trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels, who provide great workouts and nutrition goals. 
Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2011 
Fitness Ultimatum 2011 lets users work out with the Wii. 
You can find these games at really cheap prices here or even sell your games to get money to buy games or get cash.

There will be more games released this year that will include more ways for you to workout and burn calories. So if losing weight is boring to you, it doesn't have to be now. Make use of your Wii or invest in one if you don't have one already.

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